Primeclass, Inc. Rules of Conduct

These Terms of Conduct are part of Primeclass, Inc. Terms of Service

Program Overview.
You understand that by joining the Primeclass Program, Primeclass will provide career growth support in the following ways: Mentorship and Advice - Weekly 1:1 Check-in Sessions with your personal Mentor. Platform - Software platform that provides access to the Curriculum, Projects, Networking and hiring marketplace, which makes your job search more effective and enables your mentors to better personalize support. Bootcamp Curriculum - Curriculum series developed around building and practicing the skills required to succeed in the job search. Career Accelerator Curriculum - Curriculum designed to teach you proven job search strategies, tips, and skills that will help you increase the number of job opportunities and your rate per hour. Support Workshops - Assortment of rotational and one-off events that are focused on helping with anything from wellness to special skills needed to improve your results.

Income Guarantee.
Primeclass will support you in your job search until you Reach Threshold, until 12 months after your Program Finish Date, or until you withdraw, whichever occurs first. If you are not Reaching Threshold and you withdraw from the Program within your Free Trial or after 12 months from the Program Finish Date, then your payment will be canceled.

Definition of Reaching Threshold.
Being “Reach Threshold” or “Reaching Threshold” or “Reached Threshold” is defined as when you receive a gross monthly income of at least $3,000

Reporting Income.
If you choose the Income Share Agreement payment option or Contingency Payment Plan, you agree to report your income on on monthly basis after the Program Finish Date. You understand that failure to report your income on can lead to late fees, negative impact on your credit, and legal action. You understand that reporting your income will not trigger any payment until after you Reach Threshold, such that you will never have to pay for your Income Share Agreement or Contingency Payment Plan without receiving income first.

Withdrawal Policy.
 You understand that after the Free Trial, you are obligated to report any income and you cannot withdraw from the Program after you have Reached Threshold. If you withdraw after the Free Trial, then you agree to pay Primeclass $250 for every week you stayed in the Program. After you pay your withdrawal fee, Primeclass agrees to cancel your payment. You understand that if you accept employment outside of the US, lose work authorization in the US, or otherwise stop job seeking in the US at any other time outside of the Free Trial and Income Guarantee, Primeclass may, at its discretion, charge you a withdrawal fee according to this Withdrawal Policy.

You understand that Primeclass makes a large financial, structural, personnel and otherwise resource-intensive investment in you as a fellow. You agree to adhere to the following Rules of Conduct out of respect for Primeclass’s commitment to you. You understand that Primeclass will keep a written record of your Infractions of the Rules of Conduct and notify you in writing every Infraction you receive. If you accumulate 3 or more Infractions on your record, then you agree to give Primeclass the option to withdraw you from the Program and you will pay Primeclass a withdrawal fee according to the Withdrawal Policy section above.
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